The Priciest And Cheapest Neighborhoods In Chicago Last Month

This time, we’re taking a detailed look at the cheapest and most expensive neighborhoods in Chicago, based upon our May rental data. Looking at 1-bed prices, the most expensive ‘hood last month was Near North Side with a median rent of $2,020. At the other end of the spectrum, the cheapest neighborhood was South Chicago at $600 per month. Areas like Logan Square and Lincoln Square fell right in the middle.


Two bedroom medians painted a similar picture. Northern Chicago overall was more expensive than South, with prices rising high in neighborhoods around Near North Side and The Loop.


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  • Connie Vaughn

    Any particular reason you cut off Rogers Park?

    • Devin O’Brien

      Hi Connie,

      Thanks for checking the map out! We massively expanded our infographic this time around to include the South of Chicago – I’ll definitely be sure to include Rogers Park on the next one!

      • mark2k

        Sorry, if you’re looking to make a list of the “cheapest” and most expensive neighborhoods and don’t consider Rogers Park to be even part of Chicago to be on the list: your entire credibility of the basis of the article is shot. You left out one of the most affordable, dense, and diverse neighborhoods in Chicago. In fact, I believe it’s probably the most affordable of any north side neighborhood. There is no “we’ll do better next time” — do it right this time.

        Why is someone from San Francisco even writing this article? Oh… you’re the “growth manager” for the site’s traffic. I see.

        • Ray Harrell

          Yeah you left off a very important community…VERY important for it’s diversity, affordability, low crime rate and convenient walk scores for many neighborhoods. I’m disappointed.

  • Don

    since when is Logan Square more expensive vs. Lincoln Square?

    • wuzzup

      Is it not apparent? HipStars!

  • Dave

    How is wicker park, Bucktown, Ukrainian village, etc. not included in here? I never comment on aricles, ever, but… what?

    • Neal

      Those fall under the West Town block. They didn’t go neighborhood by neighborhood.