Infographic: See How Much New Yorkers Dished Out For Rent This March

The NYC rental market continued to be red hot last month. When compared with our January data, the city saw higher rents in a number of core neighborhoods, especially those in the Southwest. Tribeca, the most expensive neighborhood once again, saw an increase of over 5% in the period, where a 1-bed will now run you over $4,200. However, not all hoods were affected. Rent in the Upper East Side, Murray Hill, Midtown, and the East Village remained fairly constant through the period. Mar2014_NewYork1BR

In Brooklyn, much of the same occurred. Previously expensive areas like DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, and Vinegar Hill remained hot, while higher rent continued to creep south into areas like Boerum Hill and Carroll Gardens. The most expensive neighborhood was again DUMBO with a median 1-bed running $4,075 a month.


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  • Jay Johnston

    There’s no apartments in Prospect Park

    • Wolfgame

      Queens is a lot bigger than Astoria and LIC. Your point?

      • Jay Johnston

        The lower image has been modified. It originally listed $1900 as the average price for an apartment in Prospect Park, which has obviously has no apartments in the same way that Central Park doesn’t.

        Great infographic, although I wonder about the accuracy given that they landed at a number for Prospect Park.

        • Devin O’Brien

          Hey Jay, that was my bad. Marker shouldn’t have been there in the first place. You can trust that the numbers are accurate – double checked everything once again – was an error in design. Thanks for catching it.

  • Makana

    Any statistics for Upper Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and the rest of Queens?

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  • jucope

    It would be nice to see the rest of Manhattan, where I’m sure a lot of your users are looking. You’ve got far-flung places like Flatlands and Canarsie. Something on Harlem, Morningside Heights, Washington Heights would be helpful.

    • Devin O’Brien

      Hey jucope,

      We’re definitely looking to expand on subsequent maps. The Brooklyn infographic was brand new this month, and took up a lot of our design time. I’ll definitely keep Upper Manhattan in mind as we continue on!

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