Zapp launches on Zumper’s Android app

It’s finally here.

After months of blood, sweat, and tears (read: designing, coding, re-designing, and bug fixing), the Zumper team is proud to present Zapp for Android. It’s everything you know and love about Zapp on the web and it’s all available on your Android-powered device as part of the free ‘Zumper – Apartments for Rent’ app on Google Play.

Zapp on Android

Not familiar with Zapp? Let’s set the stage: you’ve found the apartment of your dreams. It’s that spacious, 2-bedroom in your city’s trendy downtown neighborhood. When you arrive at the open house, you’re asked to complete a lengthy paper rental application, so you grab a pen and prop against the fridge in the kitchen, overcrowded with other potential tenants each glaring at their competition. What’s more, there’s a little homework assignment for the weekend: you’ve got to run your credit report, too. And if that wasn’t enough, the landlord wants to use a fax machine. Ahhh.

Sound familiar and slightly excruciating? This was the state-of-the-art in rental application technology. Until now.

Zapp for Android is the world’s first completely mobile rental application and credit-reporting tool, bringing the formerly cumbersome paper application process into the digital age. Now you can create your credit report and rental application once on either the Zumper Android app (look for the ‘Apply’ section of the side menu) or at and send them instantly to a landlord or agent on-site at an open house, or from the comfort of your living room. And you can forget about filling out different applications for each apartment that catches your eye: you can send the same Zapp to any qualified listing with the touch of a button!

Zapp on Android - Application

But it gets even better. Zapp is already guaranteed to be accepted by 20% of listings in our beta market of San Francisco, with other major markets ramping up in 2015. Here’s to helping you land your dream apartment!

If you’re an Apple user, have no fear! Our talented iOS team is hard at work bringing the same great functionality to an iPhone or iPad near you very soon. In the meantime, make sure you download the latest version of Zumper Rentals on iOS; we’ve recently released a beautifully optimized version that you can download to your iPad.

As always, in addition to Zapp on Android, Zumper continues to provide the most comprehensive and intuitive rental search platform today. Several million renters now search Zumper’s 500,000+ available listings in the United States every year. And because our Zumper Pro web and mobile tools power 25% of the apartment rental inventory in major markets like New York, San Francisco, LA, Boston, and Chicago, you’ll be sure that you are seeing listings first on Zumper, giving you that all important edge over the competition.


Zumper Monthly Rent Report: October 2014


Like the SF Giants in the World Series, nothing can keep the price of apartments for rent in San Francisco down. The median rent for 1 bedroom apartments in the City by the Bay jumped 5.3% in October to $3,370 – 2 bedroom pads saw an even greater month over month increase of 7.1% to $4,500. At this pace, NYC apartments will stay in the rear-view mirror for a while. So what is driving this trend? Well, nothing new; the lack of housing supply besides brand new luxury condo buildings, coupled with the ever increasing demand of new tech recruits moving to the Bay Area.

Here are the other highlights from the October 2014 report:

LA vs. MIA – the sunshine battle.  Apart from tying for the amount of sunshine hours they receive, Los Angeles and Miami are neck and neck when it comes to median rents. Renting a 1 bedroom apartment in LA will cost you on average $1,700 vs. $1,680 in Florida’s 2nd most populous city. Miami actually slid for the 3rd consecutive month. Despite a small month over month drop in October, apartments in Downtown Santa Monica saw the steepest rent hike looking at the last 3 months.

Minneapolis apartments – clinch the #10 spot from Philly. Despite no change in October, Minneapolis climbed to #10 in our monthly rent tracker due to a 5.8% drop in Philadelphia’s rents.

Columbus – the biggest rental price drop. Prices for 1 bedroom apartments in Columbus saw the largest month over month and quarter over quarter drop of our top 25 metros, falling -17.7 and 13.3% respectively.

Below is the summary from the Zumper rent tracker for 25 major US cities for the month of October:



Want to read more? Download the full October report here: October 2014 Rent Report.